Let's Think Series Quick Reference Guide

  • Age range: 4-11 Years
  • Suitable for: Teachers, Assessment Co-ordinators and SENCOs
  • Test duration: untimed
  • Test format: paper

Let's Think Series

The Let’s Think! series offers an excellent foundation for learning, covering the core primary subjects of Literacy, Maths and Science. The series also included an Early Years resource and the Let’s Think! Handbook, designed to provide an introduction to developing thinking in the primary school, plus support for users of the Let’s Think! series.

The Let’s Think! series of cognitive acceleration resources is based on research by King’s College which indicates that a child’s thinking ability can be nurtured and developed with the right tools and environment. It helps children to make the transition to higher levels of thinking and learning, accelerating their cognitive development and thus raising attainment. It also offers rich and dynamic opportunities to track pupils’ cognitive processes and developing skills as they occur.

Why use Let’s Think! Series?

• The Lets Think! series will support you in enabling your pupils to become better thinkers, better communicators and more able learners
• The series improves pupils’ ability to solve problems, whilst encouraging them to recognise and develop how they think
• The series contains a range of activities, lesson plans and guidance designed to help teachers support pupils across the core primary subjects of Literacy, Maths and Science
• Group interaction builds pupils’ confidence and social skills.

Let’s Think! (5-6)
Contains 30 fun and motivating activities, which encourage children to recognise and develop the way in which they think, improving their ability to solve problems.

Let’s Think through Literacy! (9-11)
Develop pupils' literacy by improving their ability to think logically, enquire, reason and process different kinds of information. Helps pupils develop a wide range of literacy skills, in particular speaking and listening.

Let’s Think through Maths! (5-9)
An easy to use programme that provides teachers with an array of hands-on mathematical activities for helping pupils’ develop their thinking skills. The programme is split into two age ranges: 5-6 and 6-9. Activities can be carried out in interactive sessions, both in groups and pairs.

Let’s Think through Science! (7-9)
A series of engaging group activities, designed to develop cognitive abilities and establish a clear understanding of scientific principles. The programme is split into two age ranges: 7-8 and 8-9. On completion pupils learn how to efficiently tackle science questions and build skills that they can apply to other subjects to improve learning as a whole.

Let’s Think! Early Years! (4-5)
Help the way younger children

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