We value GL Assessment’s tests enormously. They are central to our teaching and learning, and we continuously share the data with parents.
Jill Wilson CBE, Headmistress, The Gleddings

Impact of Covid-19 on attainment: initial analysis

Read our report to see if your Progress Test Series and New Group Reading Test scores are typical following the disrupted learning of 2020.

Using assessment data to inform parental conversations

Where there may be a question about a child’s perceived limited progress, it is useful to have this objective standardised data.

Back to school: Supporting pupils with SEND on the return to school

Gathering baseline data is where the use of standardised assessments has come in, and GL Assessment’s suite of assessments have really helped to provide that starting point.

Back to school: Using data from the New Group Reading Test to enhance provision for those who did not engage during lockdown

The data was incredibly powerful to demonstrate that a lack of reading at home had led to weaker outcomes and even diminished life chances.


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