Kirkland Rowell Surveys offer a truly cost-effective way of monitoring changing stakeholder views and generating high quality self-evaluation data. They are also unique in weighting your results against similar schools, providing you with important benchmarked data that has true meaning and relevance.
Ken Cunningham CBE, General Secretary, School Leaders Scotland
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Kirkland Rowell Surveys (KRS)

Already used by almost 3,000 state and independent schools in the UK and abroad, Kirkland Rowell Surveys provide school leaders with a truly cost-effective self-evaluation system which satisfies all stakeholder requirements. Beneficially, our surveys help schools prepare for inspection, identify areas to improve and help schools in the achievement of educational awards such as the LPPA (Leading Parent Partnership Award).

Survey results are fully compatible with the latest inspection framework for your area, with a full bespoke evidence summary for:

  • Ofsted’s 2016 inspection framework in England
  • Esytn’s Common Inspection Framework (CIF) in Wales
  • The HMIE’s quality indicators in Scotland
  • ETI inspections in Northern Ireland

We also provide:

  • short, succinct questionnaires that can be tailored to your school’s specific needs
  • dedicated primary and secondary versions, as well as surveys for independent schools
  • a choice of online or paper questionnaires.

In fact, our surveys are recommended by ASCL, the NAHT and SLS in Scotland – with exclusive discounts for members.

The Parental Survey

Our Parental Survey uses a tailored questionnaire to report on the way pupils’ parents perceive the school. A true awareness of your school’s perceived strengths and weaknesses, results are made even more meaningful by weighting them against what parents usually say in similar schools.

With dedicated primary and secondary versions, the Parental Survey provides you with a truly affordable system of self-evaluation that delivers swift results on all aspects of your school’s performance – in a way that empowers your school, rather than searching for its failings. While the option for online surveys is available, for schools in the UK we strongly recommend the paper-based questionnaire, as response rates are significantly lower when delivered online.

The Parental Survey delivers:

  • a wealth of evidence for your self-evaluation, with reports providing a point-by-point evidence summary that complies with the inspection frameworks in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • the ability to monitor the effects of your management decisions on parental perceptions
  • data which allows you to target your resources more effectively
  • independent management information that identifies problem areas and pre-empts the findings of school inspections
  • a channel for true parental involvement, enabling you to monitor and respond to the changing wants and needs of pupils’ parents
  • additional analysis by a hot or cold factor – for example comparing the views of parents with children eligible for FSM (Free School Meals) with the whole school population – which may provide evidence around how you are effectively using the pupil premium.

The Pupil Survey

The Pupil Survey is made compatible with your tailored parental questionnaire, enabling you to compare and contrast what pupils say, with what their parents think for all chosen criteria and academic subjects.

The Pupil Survey can be tailored to the needs of primary and secondary schools and is administered either online or as a paper-based questionnaire.

The Pupil Survey delivers:

  • a reliable and objective view of the school through the eyes of its pupils
  • results that are weighted against what pupils usually say in similar schools
  • a point-by-point evidence summary that complies with the inspection frameworks in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Key differences between the Parental Survey report and the Pupil Survey report are:

  • true or false questions are used in response to a positive statement
  • home environmental questions are factored in
  • levels of parental engagement are taken into consideration.

The Staff Survey

As well as comparing and contrasting attitudes of staff with those of parents, the Staff Survey evaluates the perceptions of teaching staff with those of support staff, providing the school management team with interesting insights and comparisons.

Our Staff Surveys can also include extra analysis for governor perceptions if required.

The Staff Survey:

  • investigates staff-specific issues such as professional development, relationship with departmental head, arrangements for staff cover and staff workload
  • delivers results that are weighted against average responses for primary or secondary schools.



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