Back to school: Being data informed – making the most of CAT4

David Crossley, Associate Director of Whole Education, says CAT4 is well known for providing robust GCSE and A Level indicators but to solely use it for this purpose misses out on its potential.


Back to school: Identifying gaps in learning at St Bede's

We are really interested to see our Year 7 results, since they missed a term of learning in Year 6 and we have no SATs or nationally benchmarked data for these pupils.


Back to school: Supporting secondary students with speech and language needs

Find out how the North Liverpool Academy has used WellComm Primary to identify speech and language needs and their intervention plans as students return to school


Back to school: When and how to assess students this Autumn

You have to have the data to be able to put a plan in place to correct things, otherwise you are giving children the same type of education regardless of their needs.


Back to school: Motivating students to re-engage with the curriculum

Following an extended school absence the most important question we should consider is ‘How do we motivate our students to re-engage with the curriculum we are offering?’


Back to school: How can we measure the impact of Covid-19?

Hilary Fine, Director of Assessment Development at GL Assessment, shares some of the innovative ways our partner schools have adapted during school lockdown - and how schools can approach assessment as more of their pupils return


Top tips for developing a robust Trust-wide assessment policy

GL Assessment’s standardised tests are a real time-saver.


Back to school: Archway Learning Trust explains their approach to assessment and their plans for 2020/21

We are confident that GL Assessment’s range of tests will help us identify what we need to do next and to develop new strategies.


Back to school: Supporting student wellbeing post-lockdown

PASS allows us to see how all students feel about school – and it allows us to recognise those we don’t always spot.


Back to school: Using New Group Reading Test in this imperfect learning storm

We believe that NGRT will help inform us upon our return to classrooms in September.