Back to school: Identifying the individual needs of pupils upon their return to school

We felt that it was important to look at each of the pupils individually, as their experiences at home were so diverse that we could not be certain what they had learned over this period.


Back to school: Using data from the New Group Reading Test to enhance provision for those who did not engage during lockdown

The data was incredibly powerful to demonstrate that a lack of reading at home had led to weaker outcomes and even diminished life chances.


Back to school: Supporting pupils with SEND on the return to school

Gathering baseline data is where the use of standardised assessments has come in, and GL Assessment’s suite of assessments have really helped to provide that starting point.


Using assessment data to inform parental conversations

Where there may be a question about a child’s perceived limited progress, it is useful to have this objective standardised data.


Back to school: Practical guidance for assessing pupils safely

There have been several new important considerations for assessing under the current Covid-19 restrictions to ensure the safety of pupils.


Back to school: Supporting children with reading on return to school

We need to become reacquainted with who has which skills and set up an early alert system to identify any changing learning trajectories.


Back to school: Progress tracking post-lockdown

This data from GL Assessment has been extremely useful in helping us to plan for the post-lockdown curriculum.


Back to school: Identifying the emotional needs of pupils as they return to school

A holistic approach involving all those who know the pupil well, including the pupil voice, must be taken to gather assessment information at all stages


Back to school: Being data informed – making the most of CAT4

David Crossley, Associate Director of Whole Education, says CAT4 is well known for providing robust GCSE and A Level indicators but to solely use it for this purpose misses out on its potential.


Back to school: Identifying gaps in learning at St Bede's

We are really interested to see our Year 7 results, since they missed a term of learning in Year 6 and we have no SATs or nationally benchmarked data for these pupils.