Webinar: Riverside School, Prague – Making data accessible

Webinar: Riverside School, Prague – Making data accessible

Tuesday 29 January, 09:00 - 10:00

Why one school developed an app as part of their strategy to ensure that data is meaningful and actionable at all levels

“The different lenses with which we view the data have varied and interesting outcomes. We continue to embrace both the 'wide views' and 'narrow focus' that can be applied to our data for maximum impact on teaching and learning.” 
Graeme Chisholm, Principal, Primary School

The leadership team at Riverside School believes in the principles of being “child-led and data-informed” but with over 18,000 student data points, the school needed to find a way to ensure that the leadership team, teachers, curriculum and welfare co-ordinators were able to easily access and understand the data that was appropriate for their needs.

Two initiatives have addressed this challenge:

  1. A restructure of the SLT to remove barriers to progress
  2. The development of the school’s own Data App

This webinar offers a dynamic way to hear from Matthew Dagan, Deputy Principal, Assessment, about the development and implementation of the app and to learn from the way the school sorts, synthesises and visualises data as they offer a demonstration of their “student narrative” approach to training their teaching staff.

Event Details

This webinar will take place on Tuesday 29th January at 9:00AM (UK time).

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What you'll learn...

  • How the school co-ordinated the management restructure and the development of their app
  • How they analysed what data was needed, by whom and when
  • Alternative approaches to analysing and visualising data