Online workshop CAT4 Level 2

Online workshop CAT4 Level 2

Sunday 10 March, 09:00 - Saturday 30 March, 17:00

This series of online workshops are designed and facilitated by practising school leaders who have developed a reputation for the way they work with assessment tools.

The content and structure have been refined through the experience of coaching many international and overseas schools to use the data effectively in their teaching and learning.

The online delivery will accommodate the needs of those school leaders and teachers for whom daytime workload and geographic location make it difficult to attend the face to face workshops we organise at key locations around the world.

This workshop is facilitated by Matthew Savage, Principal, The International Community School, Amman. Matthew has shared his experience of introducing CAT4 at his previous schools at conferences around the world and has delivered training workshops on the use of CAT4 in Asia, Europe and Africa.


Week 1

This week’s lessons and forum discussions will explore key concepts from the Level 1 ‘CAT4’ course, including:

  • What is #themonalisaeffect?
  • The four batteries, what they mean, and how we can use them
  • How can we use CAT4 to aid admissions and spearhead personalised learning


Week 2

This week’s lessons and forum discussions will explore the ‘Verbal Deficit’ and the ‘Verbal Surfeit’, and how we can exploit these measures to harness the potential of each learner:

  • The Verbal Deficit, and how to address it
  • The Verbal Surfeit, and how to accommodate it
  • ‘Non Verbal’ Aptitude - anomalies and how to deal with them


Week 3

This week’s lessons and forum discussions will explore the ‘Maths Car’ and how we can use this measure to change each learner’s path in Maths, Science and beyond:

  • What is the Maths Car?
  • Balancing the Quantitative Wheels
  • Balancing the Spatial Wheels

How does it work?

  • The course is delivered via an online portal and will be facilitated by Matthew Savage
  • The course lasts three weeks and will require a commitment of up to 5 hours per week
  • Participants should be prepared to engage regularly throughout the course, including participation in forums and online tasks
  • The cost of this workshop is £150


Delegates should already have completed the CAT4 Level 1 course, or be familiar with using CAT4 and reading the standard reports it produces.


We are sorry that this event is now fully subscribed. The session in May is now also fully booked. If you would like to be put on a waiting list for the session we expect to run in September please contact us at

What you'll learn...

  • Consolidate and embed knowledge and understanding of the CAT4 assessment
  • Develop an advanced ability to use the CAT4 data to understand and catalyse students’ learning
  • To explore different ways into the CAT4 data, in order to unpick a student’s cognition