Educational Testing for SENCos and Counsellors

Educational Testing for SENCos and Counsellors

Tuesday 03 October, 09:00 - 16:00

A guide to effective screening and referral using computerised assessments

This workshop runs in parallel with day 1 of the IPSEF conference and offers practical guidance on one of the themes of the conference – the effective use of assessment.

Separate registration is required for this workshop.

These half day seminars will incorporate three areas of focus:

The role of computerised testing in screening

Screening for specific learning difficulties.

  • evaluating some useful tests,
  • practical tips for computerised testing
  • analysing results for intervention
  • onward referral

Reference will be made to the following applications:  Rapid, CoPS and LASS

One to one testing

Identifying needs of individual students for intervention and onward referral.

  • choosing an appropriate test
  • standardised testing procedures
  • scoring and analysing results

Including examples from the following assessments: YARC, BPVS, PhAB2, Wellcomm, SENT, Recall

Measuring emotional wellbeing

Documenting concerns regarding emotional wellbeing.

  • the importance of emotional wellbeing in the education setting
  • when to consider documenting and screening
  • useful screeners and how to use them effectively,

Including examples from the following assessments: Emotional Literacy and Measures of Children


The workshops will be presented by Grainne Boyle, Educational Psychologist and Dr Ava Ghasemi, Clinical Psychologist. The tests will be introduced within appropriate contexts and reasons for assessment. Testing procedures, scoring and analysing results will be discussed including case studies and practical opportunities for administration.



The fee for the workshop is £75 per person



Morning Workshop: *Now fully booked*

Afternoon Workshop: 13.00 - 16.00


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Who should attend?

  • SENCos
  • School Counsellors

Why attend?

  • Promote your knowledge and practise for SEN testing
  • Use these tests to improve supports in your setting
  • Analyse data effectively and take a closer look at those hard to spot students

Register to attend

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What you'll learn...

  • How to choose an appropriate test for your cohort and/or individual students
  • How to administer, score, and analyse the results
  • How to use the results effectively to inform interventions and accommodations