We use CAT4 in co-operation with our feeders in Year 6 to help us get that accuracy in our understanding of the ability and needs of each child as early as possible. This means we have the best chance of deploying the right strategies at the earliest opportunity and these strategies have the longest time to have impact
Richard Jenkins, Deputy Headteacher, Porth County Community School

Using CAT4 to turbo charge your attainment data

Transition between primary and secondary can be a difficult time for children. Where they struggle to assimilate and are not given the right support, it can have a knock-on effect into Year 8 and even beyond.

Using Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4) you can understand your pupils’ developed abilities and likely academic potential with a comprehensive picture of strengths, weaknesses and learning preferences. By testing each pupil with CAT4 upon entry you establish a robust ‘baseline’ for performance on entry, from which you can set targets and track progress.


CAT4 will provide you with:

  • A robust measure of student ability, irrespective of their current attainment level
  • A reliable indicator of potential GCSE success including new 9-1 grades where appropriate
  • Indicator for Attainment 8
  • A standardised score comparing each student’s results with those of the same age nationally
  • A profile of a student’s learning preferences based on a comparison of their results on the verbal reasoning and spatial abilities tests
  • A wide range of reports including an individual student report, a group report for teachers and a summary report for senior leaders


You can use the CAT4 data to:

  • Understand each student’s potential and learning preferences
  • Identify performance / ability mismatches and explore reasons behind them
  • Identify the most able students as well as those who may need additional support
  • Set challenging yet achievable targets for every student

Focus on transition and listen to the pupil voice


Transition isn’t just a matter of the first term – the impact can last for years