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Continued support for you and your team is an important aspect of what we offer as part of your subscription to our assessments. At this time, we would like to offer the following services to help you to get the most out of your assessments both now and when normal service resumes.

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Virtual Academy

What is it?
Everything you need to start you on your journey with GL Assessment, these videos tell you everything you need to begin testing and are a useful reference point to return to.

What will be covered?
There are videos available for CAT4, Exact, NGRT, the Progress Test Series and PASS as well as the ‘Whole Pupil View’, which explains how our assessments work together to give you insights into pupil abilities, current performance and any barriers to learning they may have.

Who is it for?
Suitable for all involved in using the assessments from administration to interpreting the results.

How long will it take?
Usually three short videos, no longer than ten minutes each these are designed so that you can dip in and out when you have the time.

CAT4 videos
Exact videos
NGRT videos
PASS videos
PT Series videos

Assessment Insights

Our Assessment Insights team is here to help you make the best use of your assessments – from talking through what your data is showing you to which reports are most useful for your school’s needs. The team consists of educators with a mix of classroom experience, curriculum design, SENCO provision, intervention support and implementation of teaching and learning strategies. Book your one-to-one consultation with a member of our Assessment Insights team today.


Natasha Cartwright
(Secondary Lead)

Ann Mahdavi
(Primary Lead)

Andy Small
(Independent & Grammar Lead)

James O'Brien
(Multi Academy Trusts Lead)

Team email:


Meet the team

Dedicated training sessions

The Whole Pupil View:

What is it?
This session illustrates the power of using assessments together to build the clearest picture of your students’ strengths and areas for development.  

What will be covered?
The session features the individual assessments in our assessment packages; from basic administration to how they will help you in your work with learners. Also included is a quick guide to getting to grips with statistical terms.

Who is it for?
Most suitable for Heads of maths, English and science, Pastoral leaders, SEN staff, and your senior leadership team - however anyone is welcome.

Assessment Data Workshops

What is it?
The session is about getting to grips with understanding and interpreting your assessment data for maximum effect. 

What will be covered?
The sessions are designed to support you in making the very best use of the assessment data for the benefit of your learners. You will reference your own data as an expert GL Assessment trainer takes you through strategies for the best use of the report information. Workshops are available for: PASS, Progress Test Series, CAT4 and NGST/NGRT.

Who is it for?
Suitable for any teacher actively engaged in the use of the assessment data with students.

The Whole Pupil View: 
Analysis and Interpretation

What is it?
This session focuses on combining data from multiple assessments to create a ‘Whole Pupil View’ of up to eight of your own students.

What will be covered?
The session takes a closer look at the key assessments supporting the ‘Whole Pupil View’, using data from CAT4, the PT Series and PASS. You will combine & compare various data sets to identify group and individual pupils strengths and areas for development

Who is it for?
Most suitable for Heads of maths, English and science, pastoral leaders, SEN staff and your senior leadership team (groups may not exceed 16).

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If you have any questions or want to find out more about any of our training options then contact our training team.

“Well delivered, with strong background knowledge to support and very impressive delivery.”

Tom Savill, Dulwich Prep School