Upgrading to the new Progress Test Series

Many schools will be familiar with our Progress in English (PIE) and Progress in Maths (PIM) tests; the new Progress Test in English (PTE) and Progress Test in Maths (PTM) are the next generation. For those schools already benefiting from the data PIM and PIE generates, an equating study has been done to allow seamless transition from the current tests to the new series. This will ensure consistency of data over time.

Please Note:

As a valued customer we want to let you know that PIE and PIM will no longer be available for sale or renewal after 31/3/2016. For users who purchase either before this date, paper scoring will be available up until 31/8/2016, while digital reporting will be available until 31/12/2016

What you need to know about upgrading:

  • In the new editions, scoring and reporting is included in the price. GL Assessment will provide all scoring and reporting to schools. You will no longer have the option for in house marking, giving the school more time to teach and providing a higher level of consistency and accuracy. Scoring includes the Group report for teachers (Excel and PDF format), Individual student report for teachers and the Individual report for parents. Please note that pupil booklets will need to be sent back to GL Assessment to be marked, this will take 15 working days.
  • For the new paper assessments schools will not require teacher guides, in replacement the school will receive an At A Glance Guide for every 10 booklets ordered. This will provide you with guidance instructions on administering the tests. 
  • The levels you were buying for PIM or PIE correspond directly with the levels from the new tests, so you can continue ordering the same levels. 
  • PTM now starts at level 5, so if you used to order PIM level 4 - you may be interested in our new Reception Baseline Assessment.

Brand new content

This has been updated to ensure it is current and reflects curricula across the UK, including the new National Curriculum 

A transition test

Providing seamless assessment from primary to secondary education. It provides an accurate baseline from which progress in secondary schools can be measured.

Progress in Writing Test

A separate, photocopiable resource helping teachers measure pupils' writing progress.

Data rich reports

The new reports offer clear comprehensive data with helpful narrative. There is now also a range tailored for different audiences including a Group report for teachers, an Individual student report for teachers and an Indiviudal report for parents.

A new standardisation

To ensure reliability and validity, the new tests were standardised on up to 35,000 pupils per series. 

Download the sample reports


Does Progress in Math (PIM) / Progress in English (PIE) map to Progress Test in Math (PTM) and / or Progress Test in English (PTE)?

An equating study has been carried out to allow a seamless transition – ensuring consistency over time.  As part of the technical report, tables are available to allow a conversion of the PIM or PIE score to an equivalent score for PTM or PTE. This should be done for the same level of PIM/PTM or PIE/PTE and will be for the test administered in the previous year; this score can then be compared with the Standard Age Score from PTMand/or PTE for progress tracking purposes.

How do I work out the SAS score from the old PIM/PIE to the new PTE/PTM?

*PIM to PTM & PIE to PTE equivalent scores which you can use when tracking progress from PIM to PTM/PIE to PTE*

  • Start by taking the SAS score from the pupil’s previous results on PIE/PIM
  • Move across to the PTE/PTM Level that the pupil was tested on previously
  • This will then give you a SAS level of where the child would have been previously if using the new PTE/PTM test
  • Once you have the SAS Score , this will then be the starting point when comparing performance with the next level.

Please click here for the equivalent SAS scores.

If you require any additional support in upgrading, please call renewals. Customers can call on 0330 123 5375 or email renewals@gl-assessment.co.uk / paper.renewals@gl-assessment.co.uk and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.