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Introduction to Testwise online testing demonstration

If you have recently purchased, or are interested in purchasing, our Testwise online testing service, GL Assessment offer short e-learning modules to demonstrate the set up and best practice for the use of Testwise. To begin with, we recommend you check how your IT systems are likely to perform against our Testwise testing platform.

Check your setup - a printable PDF that lists the minimum technical specification of machines expected to be used for testing on Testwise.

To access all of our support documents, take a look at our Testwise help and guidance notes.

Support videos

Getting Started

Initial Setup

Managing Students

Creating A Sitting

Administering A Test

Running Reports

The benefits of online testing

  • Continuity of assessment – GL Assessment’s digital tests have been fully equated to the equivalent paper-based tests, allowing you to maintain continuity of assessment
  • Reduced administration - Digital delivery provides greater flexibility and removes the burden of test administration, as all practice, instructions and timings are computer administered
  • Automatic scoring - Results are delivered at the touch of a button, significantly reducing teachers and practitioners workloads – fast feedback is motivating for pupils, too!
  • Instant diagnostic reports - Detailed reports, delivered straight to your desktop, enable you to analyse results with ease and integrate them into your school's Management Information System. These will help you tailor your teaching to meet the individual needs of every child
  • Parent/carer reports - Comprehensive parent/carer reports are available for some assessments, designed to help support your communication with parents and carers both before and after their children have been assessed
  • Group, School and Local Authority reports - These reports offer a convenient way of assimilating and storing the results for groups of learners at class, school and Local Authority level
  • Improved network functionality - Central access to the tests and reports as Testwise can be accessed online from any location where there is internet access
  • Increased pupil motivation - Pupils often find the digital test experience more motivating and less daunting than paper tests as digital assessments are more colourful than paper tests and they feel fun and less formal
  • A comprehensive measure of progress - Testwise tracks a pupil's progress within or across subjects, tracks year-on-year performance and provides comparison of performance against nationally standardised data.

2. Does the platform allow you to administer assessments on tablets?

We are in the process of ensuring all digital products are tablet compatible. Currently, CAT4 and PASS can be taken on a tablet, as can Baseline.

4. Are Lucid products available on the platform?

Lucid Exact is available on the Testwise platform.

5. Is there training on how to use the platform?

We have developed a new help site – – that all schools can access that provides step-by-step guides to the platform. We have also developed a number of short e-learning modules which walk you through different stages of the platform.

We are confident that the varying support mechanisms will provide existing Testwise users all the information they need to be able to use the new platform.

If you have a particular question about the new platform, then our Technical Support team will be able to help. They can be contacted in the following ways:

0330 123 5375

1800 806 185

+44 (0)20 8996 3369

Testwise Technical Support

If you are having any technical difficulties with your online testing platform, please get in touch, you will find details below:

0330 123 5375

1800 806 185

+44 (0)330 123 5375

AnyDesk Remote Support

Our Testwise Technical Support team may ask you to download the GL Education Remote Connection software. This is available by clicking the button below.



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