Wordchains Quick Reference Guide

  • Age Range: 7-18+ years
  • Suitable for: Teachers
  • Test duration: 6 minutes
  • Test format: Paper


A group reading test that screens for individual difficulties in word recognition.

Wordchains is a group reading test, designed to act as a possible indicator for pupils with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia. It can give an indication of whole-class performance as well as a measure of individual pupils’ progress over time. The test can be administered at regular intervals.

Wordchains consists of two parts – Letterchains and Wordchains. Letterchains is an initial screener for visual-motor dysfunction, whilst Wordchains provides clear evidence of word reading skills at all ages. The test will provide you with a word recognition age for each pupil and delivers scores that can be converted to year group equivalents.

Why use Wordchains?

  • Wordchains is an ideal test for young pupils, from the age of 7 to monitor the rate of development of their word reading skills
  • The assessment is useful for testing pupils whose reading progress may be behind that of the year group
  • For older pupils or adults returning to education, Wordchains can provide a good basis for identifying individual difficulties in word recognition
  • It provides a method of evaluating remedial teaching programmes.