Placement Test Quick Reference Guide

  • Age range: 7-14 Years
  • Suitable for: Teachers and Assessment Co-ordinators
  • Test duration: 90 minutes
  • Test format: Digital

Placement Test

Assess students quickly and easily

Designed to support schools in making quick and informed decisions during the admissions process, the Placement Test assesses English proficiency and reasoning ability in approximately 90 minutes.

Instant reports

With reports available online immediately following the assessment, there is no need to spend time marking papers or doing additional administration.

A fair and reliable benchmark

Because the Placement Test is not curriculum specific, it is suitable for all schools that are teaching curricula through the medium of the English language – ideal for assessing EAL students. The test has been developed to remove bias from prior teaching.

Standardised measure of reasoning ability

A Standard Age Score (SAS) is provided for each component of the test, providing you with a robust benchmark for comparing results.

Flexible administration time

The test is easy to set up and can be completed within approximately 90 minutes. If needed, students can take a break between test components, or sit the component parts in separate sittings.

Understand the potential and ability of your students

You can use the results to support admission decisions by:

  1. Applying insight into the student’s reasoning and academic potential rather than relying on previous school reports, attainment test results or interviews.
  2. Identifying students who may require additional English language support to allow them to fully access the curriculum.
  3. Communicating effectively with parents as part of the admissions process.
  4. Ensuring that students’ learning needs are known and any support requirements can be provided for.

Assessment in three key areas

Skills Measures a student’s ability to: A reliable indicator of:
1. English Literacy
  • complete sentences, choosing from a selection of missing words.
  • comprehend English text passages, answering related questions by choosing from the available options.
  • work with phonics.
English language proficiency, benchmarked against thousands of students.
2. Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • identify and apply rules, working with pattern series and collections of shapes.
  • recognise figures and mentally rotate shapes.
natural ability to think and work with shapes, benchmarked against thousands of students.
3. Quantitative Reasoning
  • identify and apply rules working with number series and analogies.
natural ability to think and work with numbers, benchmarked against thousands of students.


Reports are delivered instantly, accessible via the digital dashboard. These are presented in a new, stripped-back format, making it easy to focus on the most relevant information.

There are two reports available (each accessible via the digital dashboard, and available to download as a PDF or CSV export):

  • Group Report 
  • Individual Report

The Individual Report can additionally be shared with parents where feedback is required.

The reports provide:

  • a reliable indication of a student’s English language proficiency in comparison to their peers.
  • a benchmark against peers, and the option to sort by overall ability.
  • a clear picture of strengths and weaknesses.
Placement Test Level Appropriate for Ages 
Year : Month
Level 4 7:06 - 8:11
Level 5 8:06 - 9:11
Level 6 9:06 - 10:11
Level 7 10:06 - 11:11
Level 8 11:06 - 12:11
Level 9 12:06 - 13:11
Level 10 13:06 - 14:11
Level 11/12 In development*

*Please contact us for further information


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