We firmly believe that reading is the key to everything. Reading and comprehension are the gateways to learning but they can also be the barriers. This is why the NGRT is particularly good as it identifies the discrepancies one way or another.
Jill Wilson CBE, Headmistress, The Gleddings

Literacy Bundle Quick Reference Guide

  • Age range: 6-14 years
  • Suitable for: Teachers, Literacy Co-ordinators and SENCOs
  • Test Duration: Under an hour
  • Test format: Digital - PC and iPad


Assess your pupils' reading and spelling in less than an hour - with our English Bundle!

This bundle combines our New Group Reading Test (NGRT) and our brand new New Group Spelling Test (NGST).

What does the English Bundle offer?

  • Termly testing for reading and spelling
  • Practical guidance for teaching and learning
  • Tests available on tablet or PC - with instant reports
  • The only adaptive spelling and reading tests (questions will adjust based on each pupil's answers)
  • A reliable and consistent method of monitoring progress from 6-14+ years
  • A standardised score - giving you a national benchmark

When will the new assessments be available?

25 October:

  • New Group Reading Test (NGRT) - Form C will be published, allowing termly testing of reading
  • This will include a Group report for teachers, an Individual Student report for teachers, A Group progress report for two points of progress and an Excel Cluster report

29 November:

  • New Group Spelling Test (NGST) will be published, allowing termly testing of spelling
  • You will now be able to assess reading and spelling in under an hour
  • This will include a Group report for teachers, an Individual Student report for teachers and an Excel Cluster report

Coming in Spring:

  • A Cross group report - allowing you to compare scores for reading and spelling
  • A Group progress report for NGRT & NGST for three points of progress