Black Box Series Quick Reference Guide

  • Age range: 8-18 Years
  • Suitable for: Teachers, Assessment Co-ordinators and SENCOs
  • Test duration: untimed
  • Test format: Paper

Black Box Series

Based on extensive research by King’s College, London, The Black Box Series offers practical advice for teachers on how to implement the key techniques within formative assessments. This includes questioning, feedback and peer/self-assessment.

Comprising both generic and subject-specific booklets, the series includes important research findings and recommendations for supporting and embedding assessment for learning in classrooms.

For schools developing their own assessment framework in light of the removal of National Curriculum levels, the Inside the Black Box of Assessment aims to support schools in developing the quality of their assessment system, whilst raising pupils’ achievement.

Why use the Black Box Series?

  • Improve pupils’ learning through formative assessment
  • Make use of evidence-based ideas and advice on the improvement of classroom assessment Learn how to interact more effectively with pupils across a range of subject areas
  • Develop your own assessment framework in light of the removal of levels

Inside The Black Box (5-18)
Inside the Black Box offers a concise discussion of the merits and potential benefits of formative assessment and how schools should consider and debate the introduction of 'assessment for learning' in order to raise standards.

Working Inside The Black Box (5-18)
Working Inside the Black Box takes a more practical slant, offering practical ideas and advice for the improvement of classroom assessment.

Inside The Primary Black Box (5-11)
A range of questioning techniques are highlighted to identify children’s understanding and present a range of strategies to promote collaboration and dialogue in the classroom.

A series of subject specific booklets outline the principles of formative assessments and how they can be applied in the classroom:

English Inside The Black Box (5-18)
Mathematics Inside The Black Box (5-18)
Science Inside The Black Box (5-18)
Modern Foreign Languages Inside The Black Box (5-18)
Geography Inside The Black Box (5-18)
ICT Inside The Black Box (5-18)
Design & Technology Inside The Black Box (5-18)

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