PT The Key Data you Need for Transition Back to School

PT The Key Data you Need for Transition Back to School

Thursday 08 October, 11:00 - 11:30

In this webinar, our GL Assessment data expert explores your immediate needs on transitioning back to school and how the Progress Test Series, (PTS) can help you address them. 

The Progress Test Series will support as you build your curriculum this Autumn: 

  • Supporting the identification of gaps in learning in the core subjects following the prolonged absence from school and those needing extra support. 


  • Understanding the reports regarding curriculum content analysis and question level analysis. 
  • Using the PTS to measure progress this year. 
  • Using the reports for individuals and groupstogether with combination reporting to better understand gaps and the pupils who may need more support to help catch up. 

If you are new to the Progress Test, (PTS) don’t worry as we will also look at exactly what PTS is, and how as a standardised assessment, you can have confidence in the nationally representative data it provides. 


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