5th Annual SENCO Conference - A Journey Through SEND

5th Annual SENCO Conference - A Journey Through SEND

Friday 13 October, 08:30 - 15:45

Come and see us at the GL Assessment stand at the 5th Annual SENCO Conference - A Journey Through SEND.

Leading and Managing SEND is a journey through labels and terminology. Our three keynote speakers at our 5th Annual Conference will explore some of these labels and provide strategies to support you back in school.

Natalie Packer will explore what the SENCO label means for a teacher who is given that role, and how a SENCO can support all teachers to be teachers of SEND, Professor Barry Carpenter examines the term complex needs and Jarlath O'Brien will talk about managing the behaviour of pupils with SEND, from a Head Teacher Perspective.

Our award winning SEN Assessment Toolkit has been developed to ensure schools have the basic SEN assessment tools they may need. It brings together a number of tried and tested products that cover the most common and current areas of SEN.  The assessments within the toolkit cover four areas: Dyslexia, Literacy, Numeracy, and Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Download the programme here. For more detail about the event and list of speakers, visit the entrust website


What you'll learn...

  • Pobble Power: making writing ridiculously exciting for your children with SEN
  • The SENCO as a leader
  • Decoding Mental Health – at last we can help the whole child!