Understanding your data

An assessment of reasoning ability can identify where a pupil’s real strengths lie, free from the constraint of the curriculum and unencumbered by learning barriers. CAT4 reports contain rich assessment data. In order to interpret this data it is important to have an understanding of the different measures shown in the reports.

The CAT4 individual report for teachers provides an in-depth analysis of each individual student's results. CAT4 provides a profile of a student's strengths and weaknesses across the four batteries. Your report will provide you with the student's Standard Age Score (SAS), National Percentile Ranking (NPR), Stanines and Group Rank (GR). The table below shows a set of example scores for an individual student.

 For a more detailed description of each of the measures see the animations below. 

Explaining the CAT4 Batteries


Explaining the Standard Age Score

Understanding ability bias


Explaining Stanines

How to understand your Group report

Explaining National Percentile Ranking