Investing in GL Assessment we are confident that we can articulate, with evidence, how well our students are doing, relative to their starting points at KS3.
Kieran Scanlon, Principal of Sir Robert Woodard Academy, part of the Woodard Academies Trust

Getting Transition Right

We know that quickly securing a sound transition from primary to secondary is vital in ensuring students go on to achieve their full potential throughout Key Stage 3 and beyond.

Key Challenges

  • Establishing an initial baseline on arrival
  • Gaining a true picture of students’ core abilities and potential achievement
  • Understanding any reading difficulties or any previously unidentified learning needs
  • Uncovering your students’ attitudes to learning to reduce poor behaviour
  • Triangulating your KS2 scaled score data

Our partner schools have shared three simple ways of using our assessments to support their approach to transition.

Use the Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4) to gain a better understanding of your students on arrival in Year 7

“We’ve found kids with amazing potential that we wouldn’t have known about without CAT4.”

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Establish your students’ attainment in core subjects and benchmark against their peers nationally

“We wanted to ensure that our students were making the same progress as their peers on a national scale.”

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Baseline reading at Year 7 to help students meet the higher demands of the secondary curriculum

“Reading has a massive impact across all subjects – your ability to read is an essential part of your toolkit to learn, so we need to understand how well our students read and where the gaps lie" 

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What happens when you compare CAT4 with attainment data? Watch our short video which follows students Layla and Lauren as they start secondary school.


How our Key Stage 3 Assessment Package can help

Our Key Stage 3 Assessment Package consists of standardised assessments that give you a comprehensive picture of your students’ abilities enable you to track progress, based on national benchmarks. These include:

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