Dedicated reports for parents

Our dedicated parent reports are written in a way that is easy for non-educationalists to understand, and are an invaluable tool when discussing pupil performance with parents. Whether that’s keeping them informed of progress, likely exam performance, any barriers to learning that have come to light, under performance or where further challenge is required.

Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4)
Measuring the four main types of ability known to make a difference to learning and achievement, CAT4 provides an independent perspective on potential pupil achievement, with reliable information for each child that will help identify where to set more challenging targets.

Download a sample parent report

Progress Test Series
Standardised on 100,000 children, the Progress Test Series assesses pupils’ true comprehension of the core subjects against the national average – pupil by pupil, class by class and year by year. The data generated through the PT Series helps you identify pupils who are exceeding expectations as well as those who are at risk of falling behind their potential.

Download a sample parent report

Learn more about sharing data with parents in this blog from Lucy Davies from The Firs School in Chester, or contact us to arrange a consultation with one of our specialists.